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Fan Fiction

***A little more than 50% of those who visit this site, come to this section. As a published author, some colleagues have suggested these pages be removed, but that would mean deleting the content read by nearly 1500 people each month. So until that readership declines, the pages are staying.***

Now, some of you might be asking yourself, "What is fan fiction?"

The Answer
It's a story, regardless of length, where the characters and/or setting are taken from a popular television series or movie. They are then used in a plot derived by the author's imagination with the intent of sharing with others who enjoy that particular TV show or movie.

The Challenge
Don't be fooled into believing writing fan fiction is easy; it's not. The characters and setting might have already been created, but you have readers—and readers know these characters inside and out, forward and backward, from top to bottom.

Your readers will tell you whether a character reaction is correct and let you know if your plot is believable. Some will offer suggestions on how to improve your story. They will sometimes even tell you how they would write your story if they had used that plot.

As with writing from scratch—where you face editors to make certain your characters, plot, setting and motivation are all believable—writing fan fiction presents you with "editors" of a different type. More times than not, those who read fan fiction are the toughest audience.

The Success Story
If you can make your readers feel like they're watching another scene in the movie or another episode in the television show, then you can celebrate your achievement. After that, you get to start the process all over again on your next story—because it's a guarantee your readers won't let you stop at just one!

The same applies to writing fan fiction that applies to writing any other format—the end result more than makes up for the struggle to get there.

Would you like to read some samples for yourself? Click on one of the two graphic images below to take you to the page for that television show.

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